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Inheritance Now on DVD

Inheritance is now available on DVD in partnership with Create Space and We know the film is available in it’s entirety on-line right here, but with the DVD not only do you get a high quality image with none of the web artifacts, you’re also financially helping to further the education of the holocaust, because all proceeds from the sale after production and duplication fees will be donated to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Plus we intentionally didn’t include the normal DVD encryption that prevents you from making copies so you can freely make additional copies of the DVD to share with friends, neighbors, and strangers. It’s not about the money, it’s all about reminding people that this can not happen again.

Each DVD is only $10 and includes:

  • Newly remastered film from the original source files and enhanced for playback on widescreen televisions
  • Photo gallery featuring a sampling of Anthony Cuoco’s original photographs, including some not used in the film
  • Digital copy of the original screenplay and press kit.
  • No CSS copy protection. We encourage you to make additional copies to spread the word.

Please help us remind the world that the holocaust was real by buying a copy now through the Not Afraid! Create space store.